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Cody Turtle

Sumi Promod Cody Turtle

I try to capture all of these things merging into one ideal image on paper. I have always been fascinated with wildlife and nature, always analyzing and looking for the small details and patterns that make everything special. Lately my main focus has been koi. They have such a presence as they glide through the water.
Each one so different in character, so many types and colors an infinite amount of patterns to play with. Beyond that is the interaction of people and koi, whether it’s the koi farmer pulling the koi out of the mud or people and judges admiring them at a show. In 2005 I received a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Printmaking from California College of the Arts. People have collected my Watercolors and Fine Art prints in Japan, Philippines, Holland, Switzerland, England and all over the United States. My work has been featured in Koi USA, Koi Nations and Nichirin magazines.

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